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The best ankle first aid method, used in sports medicine for an athlete's rapid recovery, is now available in a low cost self-care kit that's simple enough for anyone to use. Preventing swelling is the key. Early use can cut recovery time in half. So, TREAT IT NOW!

Swelling delays recovery and produces pain. In a few minutes an injured ankle can swell enough to delay recovery by weeks. The more swelling you prevent the better. The big mistake is to delay treatment. You'll do no harm applying this kit, so, WHY SUFFER NEEDLESSLY?

Active people are at risk for ankle injuries. Half of all ankle injuries occur in sports. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, cheers and gymnastics lead the way. Be prepared! Enhance your chance of a rapid recovery by keeping a FirStep™ Fast Ankle Care Kit on hand. Visit our Learning Center for opinions from top clinicians on early treatment and the "Myth of R.I.C.E."

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